Shannon is my name and I'm the monkey behind the wheel. I live in southern Vermont with my man and my little man, one kitty, a bazillion chickens, two goats and a lot of fiber. All the yarns in my shop are spun by me with the aid of my Lendrum double treadle and sometimes, 'the beast' (my Louet drumcarder).

I purchase all of my animal fibers from small family farms, where I know the animals have been treated with kindness and respect. I usually start with washed wool and then dye and card the fiber myself. I also purchase dyed wool and/or roving directly from the farm. I support local farms whenever possible (especially if I get to meet the animals!), family-owned businesses and other indie crafters.

I also incorporate silk fibers, bamboo, hemp, tencel, nylon, cotton, recycled silk and other recycled fibers into my work. Be warned: you may experience sparkle when knitting with Spun Monkey creations! All yarns are washed with a mild, organic soap and layed flat to dry. I pack the yarns with 100% hemp tissue paper and try to re-use packaging/shipping materials whenever possible.


Isis Wrap Kit

As per usual with spinners I know, I started with knitting and grew bored of commercial mill-spun yarns and their never-ending evenness. I wanted to play with color and texture, and swooned with delight at my first experience with handspun yarn...a surprise every stitch! It tickled my fancy, the artisan in me dove right in and the fiber obsession began. I wanted to bathe myself in the process, from raw fleece to finished yarn. It is a truly involved and absorbing creative process from start to finish, and it recalls fond memories to my mind of days and nights spent in the darkroom as an art major in college, up to my elbows in every step of processing and printing film photography. I'm still up to my elbows: playing with color, water, temperature and patience, often surprised and always learning much from my results.

Here, I share it with you, and the creative process continues. I hope you enjoy knitting (or hooking) with my yarns as much as I enjoy spinning them. And please, oh please, do share your finished pieces and I'll post them in the scrapbook!

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